Morayma Reyes

Morayma Reyes was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the United States in 1996 to attend medical school at the University of Minnesota. After completing her studies, Reyes began her postgraduate training in Clinical Pathology at the University of Washington, Seattle. During this time, Morayma excelled in her courses and was awarded the Minority Postdoctoral Fellowship. While attending the University of Washington Morayma Reyes was able to expand her studies and career interests into muscular dystrophy, for which she was awarded a research scholarship from the Muscular Dystrophy Association. this opportunity pushed Morayma to work harder and continue her great work in this field. 

Reyes is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at the University of Washington. This position has given Morayma the opportunity to broaden her research on clinical coagulation, laboratory management and become a lead consultant for coagulation testing. The past few years Reyes has also taken a lead role as a mentor to graduate students in the medical school at the University of Washington. Her leadership and research work has earned Morayma award like the John H. Tietze Young Scientist Award, Perkins Coie Award for Best Pilot Research, and the Marian E. Smith award for junior faculty. Morayma Reyes is also the recipient of multiple training and research grants that have contributed to her research work in coagulation and biomedicine fields.

Besides her professional achievements, Dr. Reyes is a proud native of Puerto Rico. Her home country is known for an eclectic and vibrant culture and is manifested through all aspects of such as food, music and dancing. Morayma stays in touch with her roots by attending and participating in concerts that emphasize traditional Puerto Rican culture. One of her favorite dances is salsa as well she enjoys popular music like plena, and Caribbean influenced  merengue. Morayma travels to Puerto Rico frequently and maintains a close relationship with family, friends as well as many contributions to the medical community. Reyes is also a great cook, and puts together many dinner parties for friends and colleagues featuring traditional dishes from her home town and recipes that have been passed down many from generations. The infusion of different cultures has helped Morayma expand her cooking skills.

One of the many perks to working in Seattle is the accessibility to a wide variety of  outdoors activities and scenery, such as hiking and running trails, mountains and lakes. Growing up in a tropical environment, Reyes has a new found appreciation for skiing, snowboarding as well as exploring the beautiful foliage Seattle has to offer throughout the year. Morayma  spends her free time skiing the snowy slopes of Whistler, Mount Baker, Snoqualmie with some of her closest friends. 

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